Digital Display Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How easy is the equipment- Six-Pic and Pulse Digital- to use (user friendly for the non-electronic competent)?
A. As to ease regarding use, the Pulse-Digital comes with the fully loaded SD Card(57 images each appearing for 10 seconds with random motion transition, 9 .5 minute loop) already installed and ready for display once plugged in. The Six-Pic requires installation of marked and selected posters as to seasonal Holidays and Everyday Posters(more billboard in nature with 12 Holiday and 6 Everyday with 6 images appearing in 10 second increments before transition). An easy to follow Manual accompanies the unit.


Q. Who installs the equipment?
As with any electronic product purchased without an installation contract, the individual proprietor is responsible for installation. Installation instructions are available in the accompanying Six-Pic Manual for wall mounting or hanging. Usually the proprietor has access or employs a handyman/person available for such tasks. The manual does advise professional installation. In the past this has been done on-site without difficulty or complaint. As for the Pulse-Digital, a separate installation kit can be purchased upon request from Pulse for $150 complete with an extendor arm, or the proprietor can go to their local Best Buy, etc., as they would after the purchase of a standard flat screen for installation materials. These usually run $80+. Pulse does have an affiliate Installation Company available for dispatch in most States, however, depending on the State and location, such a dispatch would be costly.


Q. What type of installation support is available for purchasers?
We can provide phone advice from our installation company affiliate upon request.


Q. What type of warranty comes with each specific display (Six-Pic, Pulse Digital, etc.)?
There is a 1 year Warranty on each product respectively.


Q. What type of Customer Support is available for those who purchase?
Pulse will be providing standard Customer Support for any purchaser. We certainly would not discourage our customers present and future by abandoning the customer base.


Q. What is the availability of such support?
Ready availability and response within hours for those that require personal guidance.


Q. Are there any Service/Repair Contracts available?
No Service/Repair Contracts are available at this time. Any problems with our products, aside from customer abuse of the product….the customer can ship back to the factory and will receive a replacement unit.


Q. If there is an issue, who does the owner contact?
A. The owner can contact Pulse’s office at 1-800-88-PULSE or 78573.


Q. What would happen if a member purchases the equipment, but is too difficult to install or product doesn’t function as advertised- is there a satisfaction guarantee policy and/or return policy?
We have always stood behind our products. While there is no satisfaction guaranteed policy, we do however have a 15-30 day return policy as arranged with FTD.