Digital Displays



What Are Digital Displays?

Our digital displays are the best way to showcase your products and services. Using our Digital Displays enrich the customer experience with motion, color, and lighting. By enhancing your products you immediately increases revenues by allowing your business to emphasize specials, limited offers and much more. Starting at just $399.00 our high quality digital displays are a great investment when trying to convey your products and / or services to your customers.


 Click here to watch a video of our Pulse Digital Display in action!

  • Gives retailers ability to Build Loyalty and Brand Awareness.
  • Delivers Vibrant Brand-Rich Images/Messages to right audience.Flawlessly Integrates into any Environment.
  • Enriches Customer Experience w/Motion, Color, and Lighting.
  • Ensures Message Control.
  • Delivers Promotions to your Select Demographics.
  • Impacts Customers with Multi-Feed Functions and Multiple Images.
  • Increases Revenues Emphasizing Specials and Limited Offers.
  • Revolutionizes your organization’s Communications and Advertising.
  • Permits you to Customize Content to your clientele.
  • Reaches Customers when they are most Responsive to Purchase.
  • Provides Timely In-Store Sales and Product Info. to Employees.
  • Drives Bottom-Line Results. 
  • All units include a 90 day Warranty
  • After warranty service plan available
  • Worldwide Service Available

Order your Pulse-Digital Display Today! Call 800-88-PULSE / 800-887-8573 to speak with a representative.

Click here to download our Digital Display Specification Sheet – (PDF Format)

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Below is a video demo of how our Pulse Digital Displays allow for easy to read text and graphics.

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Videos and photos courtesy of The “Bern” Agency/Andre’ B. Murray.