Six-Pic Displays

SIX-PIC MULTIPLE DISPLAY SYSTEMS, utilized effectively, are considered an attractively strategic business unit as well as a profit center for the site holder, encouraging advertiser participation.

MULTIPLE DISPLAY SYSTEMS are the most unique, eye-catching, visual marketing aids, utilizing the latest electro-mechanical technology and equipped with a PC Board.

It’s motion attracts more consumer attention and acceptance than any other display medium in its category.


  • ┬áIncrease your market share.
  • Generate more revenue for the same price.
  • Minimizes costs for advertiser participation.
  • Replaces numerous static billboard and poster display sites with a single fixture.
  • Enhances the interior environment.
  • COMMANDS the consumer’s attention just prior to purchase.
  • MULTIPLE DISPLAY SYSTEMS consist of SIX individually sequenced, FULL COLOR display billboard posters, personalized to deliver your message.