Six-Pic Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How does the Six-Pic work? A. The Six -Pic is an electronic sign, equipped with a PC Board, and electronic eye.


Q. How much electricity does it use? A. The electrical use is equivalent to that of one 40 Watt light bulb .


Q. How do I adjust the timing of the posters? A. A full control box inside unit. A convenient button located on the outside right of the machine. Full instructions on adjusting the timing are in the manual.

Q. How do I change the posters? A. The posters come in 8 strips per poster per 2 posters and are numbered left to right, as well as perforated for easy attachment. See manual.

Q. How do I order the posters? A. Call Pulse Marketing International with your Camera Ready Art.

Q. What’s the poster’s size? A. Posters are 24” x 36” standard.

Q. What is the Six-Pic dimensions? A. 30 “ W X 40” H, 5 ¾ inches thick.

Q. How do I order additional posters? Can I order whatever amount I want? A. Call Pulse Marketing with your poster choices. Posters must be ordered in increments of two, as they are shot back to back.

Q. Can I provide my own posters? A. You can display your own posters by providing Pulse Marketing with your posters ready art in a digital format.( Copy on CD Rom)(TIF on PDF Format)( 300 DPI)( ¼ inch to 1 inch bleed space). Camera Ready Art.

Q. How will this benefit my business? A. The Six-Pic helps you highlight new products and promotions and target slow sellers. It also enhances your interior and exterior displays, and generates more revenue through advertiser participation. The Six-Pic commands the consumer’s attention just prior to purchase.